Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney engaged in arguably the most blatant "I'm a regular guy, just like you" campaign stunt Monday. The "Best Pandering to Date" award of the 2012 season was won by the GOP's standard-bearer by using a rare day off from the trail to go shopping at his local hardware and grocery store in Wolfeboro, N.H.

Just how "everyman" is Romney?

Like you and me, Mitt Romney gets chauffeured to the store in a tinted-out black Chevy Suburban, Secret Service agents in tow. Much like the rest of us, he procures his ears of corn and tools with a press gaggle dutifully snapping pictures.

We can all relate to the totally-not-strange practice of carrying our hardware store purchases in a bucket. And wouldn't you know it, Romney's motorcade blocks in other shoppers' cars too. If only we had a dollar for every time that happened! Plus there's the annoying post-shopping press frenzy over the excursion.

What did Romney buy? The jaunt into civilization involved a stop at Bradley's Hardware, where Romney said he got some "hardware stuff," according to the Los Angeles Times. He then stopped at Hunters Shop 'n Save to buy two ears of sweet corn, 12-packs of Caffeine-Free Diet Coke, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, and a 24-pack of Poland Spring water. He also stopped by a Rite Aid pharmacy, but did not disclose what he bought. (One can hear the Democratic operatives planning a "What's in the bag, Mitt?" ad, implying Romney is hooked on over-the-counter meds).

The not-officially-but-sort-of photo-op came on a rare day of for the GOP nominee, a week before he is expected to announce his vice presidential pick. Romney reportedly spent the rest of the day at home, meeting with senior advisors before hitting the campaign trail again on Tuesday. Sounds like heavy duty stuff. But hey, to Romney, that's nothing.

"I've got some folks coming over today," he humbly told the media circus that followed him.