• Nintendo has acknowledged the hard crashing that only happens with "Monster Hunter Rise"
  • Players are encouraged to play in online mode to prevent the game from crashing
  • Capcom is yet to provide a permanent fix for this issue 

Players who have been playing “Monster Hunter Rise” have been experiencing a frustrating issue that would cause the game to crash on the Nintendo Switch. The error code 2003-0013 is apparently unique to “Monster Hunter Rise” and no one is sure why.

This error code would cause the Switch to hard crash, forcing players to perform a manual restart. Nintendo support were unable to find any sort of records on their logs regarding this issue as GamesRadar reports, but there is a possible workaround for this issue.

Speaking to GamesRadar, a Nintendo support representative suggested that gamers play “Monster Hunter Rise” in online mode. The crash only seems to occur when playing the game offline, so continuing with an active internet connection should prevent or, at the very least, minimize the chances of this error from occurring.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix for this issue as of now as Nintendo is yet to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. Gamers have been experiencing this bug at seemingly random intervals while doing almost any activity in the game.

Hunters facing off against Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise
Hunters facing off against Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise Capcom

This is the second most prominent issue in the game right after a notorious bug that locks players’ save files. This save-locking bug prevents players from loading their characters, effectively wiping their progress. Players who quit the game right after performing either one of two DLC gestures – Hurt or Action – would be locked out of their saves, Destructoid reports.

Much like the bug that causes Error 2003-0013, the save-lock bug has not yet been addressed by the developers. Capcom is aware of this problem and have suggested that players should refrain from using these two emotes in the meantime. There is no word yet on when a patch for these issues will be released, but players can expect more updates from Capcom this month before the 2.0 update is released.

“Monster Hunter Rise” has seen very positive reception from critics and fans alike, with both praising the game’s new mechanics and how it builds upon what made “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” so successful, despite an apparent lack of a true endgame in the form of the series’ staple Tempered monsters and Elder Dragons.