• Long swords are best built for high affinity and raw physical damage
  • Long swords with a specific armor skill can also be used to stun monsters  
  • Skills that affect evasion also benefit long sword users more

The Long Sword is a balanced weapon class that rewards players who can keep up their assault. The unique Spirit Gauge mechanic empowers the weapon to do more damage while its distinct moveset allows players to actively dodge and counter monster attacks.

Much like every weapon in “Monster Hunter Rise,” long swords can only reach peak performance when they’re used together with a decent build. Certain armor sets and decoration pieces can provide bonuses that synergize with long swords or simply provide players with the stats they need to make the most out of the weapon.

Here are some of the best long sword builds for “Monster Hunter Rise:”

Early Game Critical Eye Set

  • Weapon: Iron Gospel
  • Izuchi Helm
  • Izuchi Mail
  • Izuchi Coil
  • Alloy Vambraces
  • Alloy Greaves

This set is similar to one of “Monster Hunter World’s” meta builds in terms of Armor Skills. This combination of armor pieces will grant Lvl 5 Critical Eye and Lvl 1 Attack Boost. The Iron Gospel sword works well as an all-around choice for this build due to the effectiveness of raw physical damage against most monsters, but feel free to swap it out for an elemental long sword for maximum efficiency.

This can be later upgraded with Nargacuga or Zinogre armor pieces.

Critical Draw Set

  • Weapon: Any
  • Barioth Helm
  • Goss Harag Mail
  • Barioth Coil
  • Aelucanth Leggings
  • Goss Harag Braces

This set mimics the Critical Draw set from “Monster Hunter World.” The armor pieces will provide Lvl 4 Critical Eye, Lvl 3 Critical Draw and Lvl 1 Punishing Draw. This set will emphasize the use of the long sword’s Special Sheathe move (ZR + B after attacking).

Hunters facing off against Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise
Hunters facing off against Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise Capcom

Attacks made after Special Sheathe will gain increased Affinity (critical strike chance) and a bit of extra damage. Hits to the head will also cause a small amount of stun damage.

Evade Set

  • Weapon: Hidden Saber
  • Nargacuga Helmet
  • Zinogre Mail
  • Nargacuga Braces
  • Nargacuga Greaves
  • Barioth Coil

This set greatly increases the invulnerability window of dodges while simultaneously buffing Affinity. It grants Lvl 5 Critical Eye, Lvl 3 Evade Window and Lvl 1 Latent Power.

Latent power will grant an additional 10% Affinity and 30% reduced stamina consumption, making it a great one-point-wonder for the build. The armor pieces will boost the invulnerability frames of both normal dodges and any of the long sword’s counter attacks like Foresight Slash and Iai Spirit Slash.