• Decorations are used to boost armor skills
  • These can be crafted at the Smithy
  • Players must be at least HR 4 before they can craft decorations

Decorations are essential pieces of equipment that allow players to fine-tune their builds in “Monster Hunter Rise.” When used together with talismans and armor skills, players can significantly boost their hunting prowess and make even the hardest of hunts much easier.

Though decorations are vital for every build, this mechanic isn’t unlocked until later in the game. Players need to reach HR 4 first before they can craft their first decorations, and even then, not every decoration in the game will be available.

How to unlock more decorations

Players only need to finish mandatory Hub Quests in order to reach the six-star missions. At that point, all decorations should be available for crafting.

However, keep in mind that there’s still the matter of farming for materials before decorations can be crafted.

The Valstrax returns in Monster Hunter Rise
The Valstrax returns in Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom

How to craft decorations

After reaching HR 4, talk to either of the blacksmiths to unlock Decoration Crafting. A dedicated decoration option should then be available from the smith’s main menu.

Open the menu to see all of the available decoration blueprints and their required materials. Simply gather all of the items needed and head back to the smith so they can craft the decoration itself.

Most decorations require jewels, which are special ingredients that are often rewarded after a hunt. In “Monster Hunter World,” jewels could be immediately slotted into weapons without the need to craft. In “Monster Hunter Rise,” however, players must refine them at the Smithy first before they can be used.

How to slot decorations

Decoration management can be done via Item Boxes. Go to the Manage Equipment tab, and then interact with the Set Decorations option.

Players must have vacant slots in their gear in order to install decorations in them.

Keep in mind that decorations come in three different sizes indicated by the number next to their name. Make sure to have the appropriate armor slot sizes before considering what decorations to install in them. Small decorations can be fitted in larger slots, but the opposite cannot be done.

Players can use as many of the same decorations in their armor slots as they want. However, going above the level limit for a certain armor skill will have no effect.