• "Monster Hunter Rise" is an ARPG developed by Capcom for Nintendo Switch
  • The game features a wide array of monsters
  • One of these monsters is the fanged wyvern Magnamalo

Players will at some point come across the Magnamalo during the village key quest Comeuppance. A formidable and fierce enemy, Magnamalo is the flagship monster of the game. In this "Monster Hunter Rise" guide, players would learn about this monster's weaknesses, attack patterns, as well as effective ways to defeat it.

Magnamalo Weaknesses, Resistances And Strengths

Although Magnamalo is massive in size, it has a wide array of attacks based on quick movements. It can also use its forelegs to stomp on enemies. Aside from those, it features a variety of slow-moving but long-range projectiles. The majority of its attacks are precisely aimed.

Magnamalo appears to be somewhat resistant to guns. Fire and Dragon attacks do not work on this monster, either. This means any weapons loaded with these elements will have no effect on the monster. However, it is weakest against Lightning, Electricity and Water. 

Monster Hunter Rise - Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch Hunt a magnitude of mythical monsters, master all-new hunting techniques and save Kamura Village from the impending Rampage! Photo: Official Capcom Europe YouTube Channel

While guns do not damage Magnamalo, blunt weapons and blades are effective on it. Blades cause more damage on its tail while the hammer efficiently works when used to attack its back. "Monster Hunter Rise" players should also take note that this monster's weak points include its head, tail and front arm blades.

Strategies and Tips to Beat Magnamalo

Players need to craft the best Water weapon along with Mega, Max and Ancient Potions and some Deodorants. After that, players should go to the canteen and eat Dango Defender, Dango Medic and Dango Weakener skills. This will give them the best chance of meeting a slightly weaker Magnamalo. 

It is also important that players make their health recovery items more potent and increase their base defense stat. Before battling with the monster, players should pick up any items from the item box and get as many buffs from endemic life as they can. During the battle, Magnamalo will poise its tail, an indication for players to Wirebug away in a horizontal direction and move in further to dodge its attacks.

The monster will eventually move to Area 12 and will start crushing the ground and inflict Hellfireblight. As it becomes enraged, it releases purple flames from its forearms and back. This is the cue that it is going to launch its signature Hellfireblight attacks. "Monster Hunter Rise" players should wait for an opening and while there isn't one, they should dodge and Wirebug out of the way.

They can use a Deodorant in case they get caught by the Hellfireblight. Players can also lay a bomb down in the arena and wait for the monster to come to them. When at the best distance from the enemy, players can hit the bomb using a kunai to release hellfire on Magnamalo and eventually topple the monster. Players can then attack the Magnamalo's forearms or tail to inflict some heavy damage but to shorten the fight, players should capture it.