• Buddy XP can be gained through hunts or the Buddy Dojo
  • Lagniapples can make Buddy Dojo training more fruitful
  • The Dango Trainer skill can double the XP earned by Buddies after a hunt

The Felyne and Canyne hunting companions in “Monster Hunter Rise” can gain levels over time. This grants them increased hunting capabilities and access to some perks that low-level companions would not be able to use.

Unlike in “Monster Hunter World,” the hunters of Kamura can employ several palicoes and palimutes that can support players outside of hunts through Meowcenary missions and Argosy trading runs. However, this does make companion management, especially the leveling process of it, a little more complicated than normal.

How to level up Buddies

There are two main ways to level up Buddies in “Monster Hunter Rise”: combat and dojo training.

Completing a hunt with Buddies gives them the most experience per run. It’s recommended to always bring two Buddies when hunting as it will be the most efficient use of time in terms of XP per hour. For players who don’t want Buddies to distract them or take aggro away from monsters, the AI behavior for both companions can be adjusted at the Buddy Board.

Despite giving high amounts of XP, bringing Buddies to a hunt isn’t the most efficient way to level them up considering how many other companions can be hired. This is where the Buddy Dojo comes in.

The Dojo lets players train idle Buddies so that they gain XP even without being members of a hunting party. Multiple Buddies can be trained simultaneously at the Dojo, and progress can be improved by using Lagniapples.

Felynes and their submarines in Monster Hunter Rise
Felynes and their submarines in Monster Hunter Rise Monster Hunter Rise

Best way to level Buddies

To get the most efficient distribution of XP among all Buddies, it’s best to get all of them near the same level first, then rotate them between hunts, training, Meowcenary work and Argosy adventures. Lagniapples will double the XP gained through the Dojo, so make sure to be well-stocked.

Lagniapples can be obtained as random drops from Argosy expeditions, Meowcenary missions and the Cohoot Nest at Buddy Plaza. Players can reach the Cohoot Nest by climbing up the tree behind Chief Kogarashi.

When hunting, eat Buddy’s Treat dango at any of the canteens to get the Dango Trainer skill. This will increase the XP earned by Buddies significantly after a successful hunt.