Capcom is in its final preparations for the launch of the beta expansion “Iceborne” for “Monster Hunter World.” Players who are still undecided about getting the game or downloading the expansion can look at the details of the expansion before its arrival on Aug. 30.

Game Spot pointed out that Playstation 4 owners will be the first to try out the beta expansion. The expansion will be available for trial from Aug. 30 to Sept. 1 on the console, followed by Xbox One users on Sept. 2–4. The beta expansion will ship along with different monsters according to difficulty: the Great Jagras are perfect for beginners, while the Banbaro are for intermediate players, the Tigrex for expert players, and the New Elder Dragon Velkhana acts as a bonus.

“Iceborne” will also ship with a new “Clutch Claw” tool along with 14 added weapon types. Players who already have the game will be able to purchase the expansion from their console’s game store. Meanwhile, other players will be able to buy the “Iceborne” expansion along with the base game if they plan to buy today.

The open beta will bring players face to face with the new monster, the Ice Dragon Velkhana, as per Forbes. The dragon is meant for players who have their techniques already honed, so much so that hunting the Tigrex is just like hunting a Popo for them. These new monsters will be spawning in the new area that ships along with the expansion, the Hoarfrost Reach.

New gameplay mechanics include an “enhanced” slinger functionality to new weapon combos. A “rideable lizard” and the new “view mode” will also be included in the expansion. The view mode is similar to a photo mode for the game, but gameplay will still be able to continue.

The expansion costs $40 on its own and is only available digitally. Players who play on the PS4 will be able to look for it on Best Buy and the PlayStation Store, while Xbox One players can order it through GameStop, the Microsoft Store, and Best Buy, as well.

An enhanced version of the expansion, “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Digital Deluxe,” is also available. Players will receive a “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Deluxe” Kit that includes a “Silver Knight” layered armor set, as well as other additional content and pre-order bonuses.

Finally, a “Master Edition” of the game will also be available. This version contains the base game along with the “Iceborne” expansion and any pre-order bonuses. It normally costs $60 but is currently selling for $10 less on Amazon and Walmart. PS4 and Xbox One copies are also available on GameStop and Best Buy.

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Pictured: Official "Monster Hunter World Iceborne" image from Twitter. Capcom/Monster Hunter World Iceborne/Twitter