Monster Hunter World
Capcom is introducing a new monster in “Monster Hunter World” next week. Monster Hunter World website

Capcom is launching a new monster in “Monster Hunter World” next week. A new update will introduce a creature named Deviljho alongside some new features to the action role-playing game.

On Wednesday, Japanese site Famitsu revealed that Capcom is rolling out its first major update for “Monster Hunter World” next Thursday, March 22. The update is said to introduce a menacing brute wyvern called Deviljho and some new features to the game.

According to the Japanese site, Deviljho is also called “Terror Dragon,” and it might be because the beast has the ability to swing around other large monsters. The behemoth is also described to have this intense metabolism, which explains why it is always in search of prey to feast on. Check out some of the leaked images of Deviljho here and here.

Aside from Deviljho, players will surely be thrilled to have access to new features including a character-editing tool that basically enables users to re-edit the appearance of their character. Unfortunately, this feature is only accessible for free on a one-time basis using a ticket. If players want to tweak their appearance later on, they need to buy tickets with real money, Eurogamer has learned.

The upcoming update will also add the option of returning to the gathering hall after completing a quest. Capcom is also including various weapon adjustments with the first major update. For example, the damage of the Great Sword has been increased for Charged Slash abilities. So players can expect to see an increase in the damage caused by Charged Slash II and III as well as Strong Charged Slash II and III.

VG24/7 has also disclosed that the “Monster Hunter World” update will optimize loading for reduced waiting time for loads and add new quality of life options like the ability to change the subtitle text size. The update is said to come with new Event Quests for the coming months, a new weapon and the Mega Man Palico costume collaboration.

While the upcoming update is the first major one, it’s not the first time that “Monster Hunter World” players are seeing new content being introduced to the game. Since the game’s release on Jan. 26, 2018, there have been crossovers with “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “Street Fighter 5.” Now a “Devil May Cry” crossover is scheduled for release later this year.