Capcom has announced “Monster Hunter X” (pronounced "Monster Hunter Cross"), the latest entry of the popular monster-slaying series for the Nintendo 3DS. The company also unveiled the first trailer of the game during the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation -- impressing a wide variety of fans with the game's new features and abilities, which are shown in a video that is embedded below.

While the game’s graphics are similar to the previous iteration, “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate,” a report from Siliconera states that “Monster Hunter X” will be a much flashier title than the last game -- or any of the previously released “Monster Hunter” games. What will make the game a flashier title are the new special attacks and actions that will be among each player’s weapons.

These new special attacks in “Monster Hunter X” can range from elemental strikes to over-the-top sword techniques that would make any samurai blush. Making things better is the fact that every weapon will be getting its own flashy special attack. From the giant swords to the long-range guns and even the speedy knives, every weapon will have something to offer to every player.

As to why the game is called “Monster Hunter Cross,” it seems like the title will be crossing over with previous iterations of the game, as Kotaku reportedly saw levels from “Monster Hunter 4,” “Monster Hunter Tri” and the original village from “Monster Hunter G.” This seems to be the first game in the series where players will be able to go to the villages from the other games, which is a nice touch for longtime players of the series.

Since this is a new “Monster Hunter” game, fans of the series can expect a number of new monsters to hunt and new weapons to try out, especially since each weapon will have a flashy special attack. The game will reportedly come out during the winter in Japan, with no news available yet about other markets.

"Monster Hunter Cross" promotional video (Credit: YouTube/Capcom Channel)