Motorola, the Lenovo-owned company, is expected to release its second Android One phone, named Motorola One Power. REUTERS/Bobby Yip

Motorola has already launched the Moto G6 and the Moto E5 this year and the Lenovo-owned company is expected to release the Moto Z3 Play sometime later this year. Now, a new Motorola Android phone has leaked online and it looks a lot like Apple’s iPhone X.

The new phone is called the Motorola One Power and it will be an Android One device, according to Android Headlines. The phone features a notch on its display and on the back it comes with vertically-aligned dual cameras. Not only does it copy some of the design elements of the iPhone X, but it’s also Motorola’s very first Android phone to feature a notch on its display.

The Moto One Power also borrows a lot of its design cues from the Moto G6. It comes with a taller display and it even has the same dimpled “M” batwing logo on its back. It is believed that the “M” logo on the back will also function as the phone’s fingerprint scanner.

Another thing that’s notable about the phone is its branding. Up front, the device features a thin bottom bezel that features the full “motorola” name. This implies that the device is not part of the Moto line and signifies Motorola’s return to form. This is part of Lenovo’s effort to bring back the Motorola name. The name of the handset is speculated to be stylized as “motorolaone Power.”

The Motorola One Power also features Google’s Android One branding on its back. Like the Moto X4, the Moto One Power will be part of the Android One program and it means that the handset will run pure Android without any modifications. This is also good news for users who want timely Android updates for their phone.

No information about the Motorola One Power’s specs has been leaked yet. But seeing as this is an Android One phone, the device will most likely feature mid-range specifications. It’s believed that the Motorola One Power will be released in the United States and possibly other regions sometime later this year.

With the appearance of the Motorola One Power, it’s now being speculated that Lenovo may have canceled its plan to release the Moto X5. Back in January, the Moto X5 was leaked alongside the G6 and the Z3 Play. The Moto X5 leaked render showed that the device comes with a display notch. It’s possible that the Motorola One line will be replacing the Moto X series, according to SlashGear.