Former Egypt president Hosni Mubarak has been confirmed fit to be transferred from his hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh to the Tora Prison in Cairo, reports said.

The transfer may take time as the prison has to be prepared with the required medical facilities for the toppled leader. The relocation implies Mubarak’s possibility of facing a trial.

Mubarak, who is in custody on charges of corruption and fraud, has also been accused for the deaths of over 500 demonstrators during Egypt’s uprising which started on January 25 and led to the downfall of his government.

The former leader’s two sons, Ala’a and Gamal, and wife Suzanne also face similar accusations, according to reports.

Mubarak was taken into custody after it was found that Habib el-Adly, his minister of interior, under the direct orders of Mubarak, told security forces to open fire on the protesters to suppress the rebellion. El-Adly was also accused of fraud on Thursday and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The ex-president is more likely to face death penalty if the forthcoming trial finds him guilty based on el-Adly’s confessions, who also has a chance of facing similar fate.

Mubarak was hospitalized on April 12 when he suffered a heart attack during an inquiry over probable accusations of corruption.