U.S. Health Care Reform Act
The Obama administration has postponed a deadline in the Affordable Care Act for employers to provide all full-time workers with healthcare until 2015. REUTERS

Mullah Mohammad Omar, the dreaded one-eyed Taliban chief, has reportedly written a letter to Barack Obama urging him to end the war in Afghanistan.

The Associated Press quoted some top U.S. officials as saying that the White House had got an unsigned letter, apparently sent by the reclusive terror chief. While some of the officials who saw the letter insist that it was authentic, some others refuse to confirm its authenticity.

According to the officials, the letter laments that the U.S. failed to create a conducive atmosphere for talks by releasing the Taliban prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, the CIA prison for terror suspects in Cuba.

U.S. officials have been talking to Taliban emissaries for some time and those who have seen the letter claim that the views expressed in it tally with what his messengers are telling the U.S. officials during their covet meetings.

Experts feel that the letter is an expression of willingness for talks from the part of the Taliban, but the U.S. government hasn't sent a direct response to it.