A UFO hunter has alleged that NASA is trying to cover up an “alien city” situated on the surface of the Moon. He claims that he even has a photo from the space agency to back up his theory.

According to UFOlogist and alien enthusiast Scott Warring, he discovered the “anomaly” using the Google Moon Map. In a post on his blog ETdatabase.com, Warring said he discovered a structure that's part of a huge lunar city by zooming in on a photo taken by NASA’s lunar orbiter.

By adjusting pixels and enhancing the brightness of the image, a report said that Warring claims that one can clearly see an object that seems to be part of an artificial circular tube. The UFOlogist claims that the figure could be part of a large “alien Moon city,” which IBTimes earlier reported about.

“You can see there is a structure here and it this does appear to be a solid object. The object must be huge and it looks like part of the object is a circular tube,” he said.

The image in question is actually just part of a mosaic created to document the Moon’s surface. The alien theorist further pointed out that the anomaly or figure he discovered almost looks like a crater but it interestingly disappears in other photos.

“It almost looks like a crater itself, but it’s not there in other photos. If we try to look at this in other photos, it just disappears,” he said.

To prove his point, Warring used filters from the Google Moon Map and the figure does disappear when both Visible Imagery and Colourised Terrain are applied. For the UFOlogist, this proves that the U.S. space agency has been trying to cover up alien discoveries on the Moon by editing or erasing images from its archives.

“The Lunar Orbiter mosaic is the older of the Google Moon images. What NASA did is edited this object out and put a fake crater in the location.”

Another interesting theory of Warring’s discovery is that the image he discovered could actually be an alien structure drilling into the lunar surface.

Warring’s theory should be taken with a grain of salt, however. The UFOlogist has been known for a number of outlandish space theories such as NASA transporting a pig to Mars, or one that said the space agency’s photos of the Red Planet were actually taken somewhere on Earth.

Moon orbiting Earth from 3.9 million miles
Eight days after its encounter with the Earth, the Galileo spacecraft was able to look back and capture this remarkable view of the Moon in orbit about the Earth, taken from a distance of about 6.2 million kilometers (3.9 million miles). NASA/JSC