An alien theorist or UFOlogist once more reveals new “evidence” of an alien moon base on the surface of the Moon, sparking a new round of discussion on whether or not there’s alien life outside of Earth.

According to Scott Waring, the infamous blogger who runs the website, he has discovered what looks like a bunch of alien colonies or alien camps on the surface of the Moon. The alien bases were supposedly captured by powerful cameras from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Waring called the alien camps “artistic” alluding to the proportional silver circles that seem to be inhabiting one region of the moon. The silver, he said, just shows that these alien bases were built by highly-intelligent creatures who belong to a highly advanced civilization.

“Here is something I found in a photo of Earth’s moon. The most interesting and artistic alien structure that I have found in a very long time. Each of the craters shown has an alien structure within it. One of which is silver in color. This silver structure has amazing detail. It is slightly blurry because the white crater the aliens made creates a shine that is difficult to focus, but the structure in its center stands out well,” Waring said.

Although Waring thinks that the alien bases are pretty “cool stuff” he also believes that this is the reason why humans have not returned to the Moon after the Apollo missions.

“They are still there and don't want us meddling in their affairs,” he said.

As mentioned in other reports, this is not the first time that Waring has claimed to have discovered new evidence that supports his belief that there are aliens living among us.

Previously, he has also claimed that alien life is actually living in the Moon’s polar region. Waring claimed that he based his new theory on a NASA photo, saying that he saw some “white shiny blur spots at its center,” which he said are buildings or alien structures with some sort of activity going on inside.

“I have seen such a white shiny spot before...on dwarf planet Ceres...and back then I added shadows to bring out the real structure of the building. Well, I did it again here. I added a bit of shadow and the building's shape and the surface became visible,” Waring said in a video.

The US wants to return humans to the Moon by 2024
The US wants to return humans to the Moon by 2024 AFP / Laurent EMMANUEL