Planet Mars has one of the most interesting geological features that people back on Earth are fortunate enough to see thanks to powerful tools such as NASA rovers and orbiters that have been studying the Red Planet for years.

These photos have been shared freely on NASA’s website and enjoyed not only by the scientific community but by the general public as well. Alien enthusiasts and UFOlogists, in particular, have been known to religiously allot hours on the images of Mars in hopes of finding oddities or any clue that might point to the possibility of proving there could be life on the Red Planet.

Their findings often lead to interesting “discoveries” of supposed creatures roaming Mars. News of bizarre creatures has become viral in the last few years, including a supposed snapshot of a bird flying around the Martian horizon. There’s also the discovery of a “pig” and a “rat” as well as a “penguin” that’s peeking from one of the rocks of the planet.

Another odd sighting is a supposed “bunny rabbit” that’s scampering on one of the sandy plains of Planet Mars. In a report from, the Martian bunny rabbit photo was taken by NASA’s now-deceased Opportunity rover. The photo is quite old and was taken two years after the Opportunity arrived on Mars. The image was shot and videotaped on the Meridiani Planum and was part of the “mission success” panorama.

What’s interesting, based on the video, is that the “ears” actually looked like they were moving along the Martian wind, so it was assumed that the image taken wasn’t a Martian rock. NASA engineers, however, explained that it might be part of their own space vehicle.

“(It could be) a piece of soft material that definitely came from our vehicle," the report said back then. Some assumed that it could be part of the rover’s cotton insulation or a Vectran cover.

As interesting as the findings are, most should be taken with a grain of salt since they are mostly discoveries or theories from individuals such as Scott Waring who spearheads the website ETDatabase. Waring has been known for releasing dubious insights into various photos, such as the “pig” picture and the photo of the “flying bird” that he claims were actually taken somewhere on Earth.

He also believes that some structures on the Red Planet are artifacts left behind by an “ancient civilization” that once thrived on the planet. Warring’s former website, UFO Sightings Daily, also closed down.

Mars Curiosity Photo
This image was taken by Navcam: Right B (NAV_RIGHT_B) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 2438 (2019-06-16 03:53:59 UTC). NASA/JPL-Caltech