Another discussion has opened up regarding the possibility of finding life on another planet with the reported “discovery” of a humanoid fossil.

UFOlogist and theorist Scott Waring, who runs the website, said in a recent post that he discovered the fossilized remains of an old man in one of the photos taken by the Mars Gigapan. The image was captured in one of the rocks on the Red Planet’s very dry and dusty surface.

“I found an old man’s face today in a Mars photo. The man’s wrinkled skin and large nose, bushy mustache and long beard really make me think I'm looking at a statue here on Earth,” Waring said.

For the UFOlogist, this actually means a lot of things. First, he believes that this is proof that alien life forms could actually look like humans or at least are human-like. Next, they are also leaving around clues of their existence for other species to find.

Waring claims that these clues come in different forms such as statues, old aircraft strips and even old buildings that are found not only in Planet Mars but also on our moon.

Aside from the “old man fossil” Waring also claimed that he has seen other “clues” of alien activities on Planet Mars. Recently, he made some wild claims that he has seen what looks like an ancient burial ground in Planet Mars. The UFOlogist claimed that he was able to spot an actual coffin on the surface of the Red Planet which basically convinced him that there might be an alien civilization hiding somewhere.

The photo of an elongated object that really looks like a coffin was captured by NASA’s Mars Gigapan and Waring claims that it is 100 percent proof that an ancient extraterrestrial life has left it there as sort of a clue to show humans they are not alone in the universe.

“When looking at a Mars photo I found a long casket similar to what you will find here on Earth. It’s a stone casket, much like the larger outer stone boxes for Egyptian golden sarcophagus. (It) has a top stone that is perfectly cut to match the lower case. The casket itself is about 2 meters across,” Waring said.

Waring’s ideas, however, should always be taken with caution. This is because most of his theories are just wild speculations and that the space industry has mostly debunked many of his most popular “discoveries.”

InSight Lander on Mars
The HiRISE camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter got its best view yet of the InSight lander on September 23, 2019. NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona