The universe holds a lot of mystery and up to now, we continue to discover new things almost every day. Among the unknown things we have yet to prove about space and the universe, in general, is the age-old question of whether or not there’s life thriving outside our planet. 

And although international space agencies like NASA and the European Space Agency continues it search for life outside of Earth, we still need solid evidence to prove this important aspect of space study. Despite the uncertainties, it has not stopped alien theorists and UFOlogists from believing that life is definitely thriving outside our planet and even use data from international space bodies as proof of their own findings. 

One of the most recent pieces of evidence presented of life outside of Planet Earth is a NASA photo that shows what looks like unidentified flying objects (UFO) hovering over the sun. Using photos captured by NASA’s Helioviewer, UFOlogist Scott Waring who runs the website, pointed out what he claims to be hard evidence of alien activity in our very own solar system. 

“A youtube user going by the name of Terrys Theories found some interesting donut UFOs near our sun. It looks like a fleet of three UFOs and they are huge. You can clearly make out the donut shape with the hole in the middle. This is a common UFO seen near our sun and still has never received an explanation from NASA. The fact that he found this going through the archives and its dated 2006 is evidence that giant UFOs have been recorded by NASA and have gone unreported for a long time,” Waring said in a video

This is not the first time that Waring claimed to have found new evidence of UFOs hovering around our solar system. He also claimed to have seen a triangle-shaped UFO zooming or hovering on the surface of the sun. In a post, Waring said that he noticed the black flying object also via Helioviewer and that he has been following it ever since.

At first, he thought the image was just dust on the lens, however, he said that dust “doesn't travel across the sun. Dust would stay in place.”

And since it is black, the infamous alien theorist claimed that the object is “much colder” than the surface of the sun and is powerful enough to neutralize its powerful solar flares. “Alien technology could achieve this. If an alien species were billions of years ahead of our technology, such materials immune to heat would exist,” he said.