Space officials from the U.S. have said that they are expecting a 6.5 -ton dead satellite to fall to Earth in almost a week.

The satellite has finished its productive scientific life and is being watched closely by NASA scientists. The scientists on Saturday said that they expected its arrival on earth by Sept. 23, may be a day before or after.

The re-entry of the satellite is advancing due to a sharp increase in solar activity since the beginning of this week. According to the calculations made by the NASA scientists, the satellite will break into 26 pieces as it gets closer to earth. The chances of it hurting someone anywhere on the planet are 1 in 3,200.

The heaviest piece to hit the ground is assumed to be around 350 pounds, but then till today, there is no record of anyone ever getting hit by falling space junk in the past, a USA Today report stated.

More details are expected to be released by NASA by early next week. As of now, there is a possibility of any continent getting hit any the debris except Antarctica.