Natural Light is mainly known for its cheapness and popularity amongst college students, but the brand is growing and it’s now introducing boozy popsicles and flavored vodkas to the mix for those who aren’t necessarily a fan of the beer.

Following the success of a spiked seltzer line which launched in 2019, the company is now launching "Naturdays Frozen Icicles," beginning on Tuesday. The pops will be in strawberry lemonade and pineapple lemonade flavors, contain 8% alcohol and come in a 12-pack containing both flavors.

"We want to be the preferred alcohol brand — not just for beer — for drinkers between 21 and 30 years old," Daniel Blakie, vice president of US value brands at Anheuser-Busch said in an interview with CNN Business. “People want variety, which is what drives our innovation strategy."

As such, the company will also launch new sour flavors of their seltzer line in May, including watermelon green apple, lemon and blue raspberry.

Flavored vodkas will also be launching in August, Blake explained, which will be infused with lemonade, strawberry or black cherry.

"Cross-category consumption has become much more standard, with consumers choosing to drink different types of products across occasions -- there's no such thing as just a beer drinker or just a wine drinker," Brandy Rand, the chief operating officer of the Americas at IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. told CNN Business. "It's smart for brand owners both large and small to pay attention to unmet consumer needs and try to engage with a variety of beverage alcohol choices."

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