• Chesapeake Energy Arena played a tribute video for returning Russell Westbrook
  • Kendrick Perkins praised Westbrook calling him Mr. Thunder
  • Kevin Durant was not happy with Perkins criticizing his time in OKC

The Oklahoma City Thunder is an interesting team in that it produced some of the top names in the NBA today. Along with those names also came big egos. In the most recent example of beef between former teammates, Kevin Durant went at it with Kendrick Perkins on Twitter. Funnily enough, it started because of a tribute video for another former teammate in Russell Westbrook.

The Chesapeake Energy Arena played a tribute video for Westbrook who is returning after he signed with the Houston Rockets. In response to this, former player turned analyst Kendrick Perkins went on to praise Westbrook even calling him “Mr. Thunder!” It should have ended there, but another analyst Marc D’amico chimed in. D’amico noted that Westbrook never got past the second round of the playoffs.

This is where things get spicy. Perkins replied that Durant was also unable to get past the second round without Westbrook. This got KD’s attention and retaliated by criticizing Perkin’s performance at that time. Perkins then went on to note that Durant chose an easy way to the championship when he left Oklahoma for the Golden State Warriors.

It is true that Durant’s choice to join the Warriors was controversial. In the 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals, the Golden State Warriors beat Oklahoma City Thunder. That was after OKC had a 3-1 advantage in the series.

Durant seemingly left the argument after that but made one more dig at Perkins saying, “Weak is starting at center, playing real minutes with no production. Should’ve worked on your skills as much as I did”

Kendrick Perkins then roasted KD with this reply, “That’s fine!!! You worked that hard and still had to go join a 73-9 team. Truth be told you don’t even feel like a real Champ, you have hard time sleeping at night huh knowing that you took the coward way out!!!”

As good as he is, Kevin Durant will have a hard time erasing the asterisk on his accomplishments since moving to Golden State. Right now he is with the Brooklyn Nets while the Warriors are struggling to get out of the bottom of their division. The back and forth was so entertaining that even a Portland Trail Blazers site covered it. It is still funny to think that it all started over a Russel Westbrook tribute video.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors and Team LeBron warms up before the NBA All-Star game as part of the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, Feb. 17, 2019. Streeter Lecka/Getty Images