Carmelo Anthony has not produced the desired results in New York
The Knicks have struggled lately, and the pressure in now on Carmelo Anthony Reuters

The burden of the Knicks' recent slump has fallen on their chosen one, Carmelo Anthony.

Since Anthony was traded to New York, the Knicks have lost nine of 16 games. Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets have won nine of 13 with the players they acquired from the Knicks.

(Think that fact has gone unignored by the unforgiving New York press?)

Tonight is as good a time as any for Anthony to shine with the Knicks facing the Orlando Magic on national television at Madison Square Garden.

Whether Anthony's performance is to blame or not for the Knicks' skid doesn't change the perception by some that his arrival has coincided with the team's struggles.

The Magic aren't exactly rolling right now either. Orlando has won six games out of 10 since beating the Knicks on March 1st. For some teams, that would be an impressive record. But with the Bulls streaking, the Magic no longer appear to be among the best three teams in the Eastern Conference.

The Magic seem rather entrenched as the fourth seed in the playoffs. They are three-and-a-half games out of Miami, and are five games up on the slumping Hawks.

The Knicks are a game out of the sixth seed as Philadelphia has recovered from a sluggish start in the early part of the season.

If the playoffs were to start today, the Knicks would play Boston in the first round. Should they overtake Philadelphia, they would play Miami instead.

The Knicks could use any type of momentum boost they can get as the grumblings have gotten louder in the Big Apple. New York has lost six of seven games, and the energy that Anthony brought to the Garden has faded quickly.

In the last meeting between the two clubs, the Magic beat the Knicks 116-110 in Orlando.