Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving #11 of the Boston Celtics celebrates after Jayson Tatum scored against the Phoenix Suns at TD Garden in Boston, Dec. 19, 2018. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Unlike other big NBA stars, Kyrie Irving might be giving the Los Angeles Lakers a chance to say their piece. And if this is true, it could also mean that Uncle Drew is open to reuniting with LeBron James - the same guy who allegedly forced him to move out of Cleveland last year.

According to Stephen A. Smith, he was told that Irving will grant the Lakers an interview this offseason. However, he clarified that this is no assurance that moving to Hollywood is a done deal.

But what makes the whole thing big is that his previously strained relationship with James may have finally healed. For those who have followed the relationship of both James and Irving, this is not the first time that a possible reunion between the two former Cleveland Cavaliers has come out in the open.

In January, Irving had called James to apologize for his actions when both were still in Cleveland, ESPN reported. Included in that conversation was Irving explaining how LeBron was one of the guys trying to show them how to win a championship and how hard it was to get the most out of the group.

Last February, James spoke out positively about his relationship with Irving and mentioned how both were in a good place right now. He singles out Kyrie's progress and wished him the best, the Bleacher Report reported.

Could these conversations be the reason why Irving is open to talking with the Lakers in the offseason? The answer to that remains up in the air.

Should things fall into place, the arrival of Irving would be a big shot in the arm for the Lakers. Lonzo Ball has been doing a fine job although he has struggled to appear regularly due to injuries. Also, Uncle Drew could be the mentor that Ball and other young Lakers guards like Josh Hart sorely need.

All this should be taken with a grain of salt for now since the Lakers are only one of several teams expected to pursue Irving. The Celtics remain at the top of the list and are expected to pitch their offer.

There is also the New York Knicks, another team linked to Kyrie. Together with Kevin Durant, both players have been mentioned in the NBA grapevine a lot recently.

For now, Irving is keeping his options open. When asked on whether he would re-sign with the Celtics, he told reporters to get back to him on July 1, NBC Sports reported.

"At the end of the day, I’m going to do what’s best for my career. I spent the last eight years trying to do what everyone else wanted me to do -- managers, other personnel -- and I don't owe anybody s--t. "