Earvin “Magic” Johnson is not the type who would simply turn away, especially if it is from a team where he spent practically most of his career. Until recently, the Los Angeles Lakers legend kept silent about the real reason as to why he vacated the team’s president of basketball operations position. It turns out that it was something most had predicted, tracing back to current general manager Rob Pelinka.

Johnson was at ESPN’s "First Take" recently, and the 59-year-old revealed that the reason why he decided to leave the Lakers was Pelinka. He claimed that the Lakers general manager betrayed him and that issues between them had started since the first season.

Part of that seems to be the time that Johnson was spending with the Lakers, something he says he made clear with team owner Jeanie Buss before agreeing to be the team’s president.

The NBA legend admitted that there were several times he had considered stepping down because of his frustrations. But the final straw was the point where he would not have full autonomy of choosing the next Lakers head coach. Buss had too many voices in her ear with Pelinka, Linda Rambis, Kurt Rambis, Tim Harris, Joey Buss, and Phil Jackson and thing seemed to be in total disarray. Johnson added that aside from Jackson, none of those people had any experience running a basketball organization, according to the Bleacher Report.

While the cat may be out of the bag, the revelation should give Johnson some sigh of relief. However, it places the Lakers in a bind considering it exposes the turmoil from within. When Los Angeles formally introduced Frank Vogel as the new Lakers head coach, Pelinka was thrown multiple questions on the allegations of Johnson. Rather than answer them straight up, it was clear that the Lakers GM was trying to address the situation with responses of remorse.

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson discusses the upcoming Los Angeles Lakers' season at UCLA Health Training Center in El Segundo, California, Sept. 20, 2018. Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Pelinka claims he is open to talking to Johnson, although this is a reply that most people in a conflict would say. That may not happen now but perhaps in the future. It will be interesting how Vogel or even LeBron James will be affected by these tirades – meaning the Lakers are in for a storm offseason that could possibly radiate all the way to the regular season.