• Blazers may disrupt their run with a Love trade
  • Kevin Love could be a financial burden to Portland
  • Other teams could beat the Blazers to Love

The Portland Trail Blazers could be among the active teams looking to deal with the NBA trade deadline fast approaching. However, there are things they need to consider before pulling off a monster deal. Love carries a hefty $120 million contract on his end, something that could place the Blazers in dire financial straits.

It is no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers may deal Love before the Feb. 6 deadline. Several teams could use the 31-year-old's expertise. According to, he is norming 16.8 points, 10.2 rebounds and 2.9 assists, numbers that could boost any NBA team looking for a deep run into the playoffs.

In the case of the Blazers getting him now could backfire. This was detailed in a previous post, but there are other factors to consider. Though Portland is only 16-23, it remains that guys like Hassan Whiteside and Carmelo Anthony have given Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum the needed support. Inserting Love at this point (with Whiteside possibly getting dealt in exchange) could render different results. There is the matter of chemistry that could make or break the Blazers run this 2019-20 season.

Sam Amick of The Athletic believes that the Blazers may want to stay away from Love at least until the summer. It will be a totally different scenario in the offseason with Portland re-evaluating their current season and planning ahead.

The only difference is that the Blazers may not have the assets to pull off a trade in the offseason. Whiteside and Bazemore would be free agents by then although a sign-and-trade scenario is possible. But would the Cavs be amenable to that setup knowing they are investing more on youthful players? Whiteside and Bazemore will be turning 31 next NBA season, raising questions on whether both would still be acceptable to head coach John Beilein.

If not the Blazers, some other team could come dealing for Love. The Miami Heat make a sensible place for the five-time All-Star - another team having a great NBA season. If that materializes, it could be an opportunity lost for the Blazers.

Portland needs to make a decision soon. The trade deadline is barely three weeks away and most teams are bulking up. The foremost question they need to ask is will they turn things around now with a trade or stick it out with their current crew.

Kevin Love Klay Thompson
Kevin Love and Klay Thompson, pictured at Quicken Loans Arena on Dec. 25, 2016 in Cleveland, were nearly traded for each other. Now, they are facing off in the 2017 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Getty Images