Nelson Mandela in 2005
Nelson Mandela died on Dec. 5, 2013. Reuters

Almost two months after Nelson Mandela's death, South African officials have announced how his $4.13 million estate will be divided. The beloved former president of South Africa died there at age 95 on Dec. 5, leaving a variety of assets to be divided among his African National Congress party, his family and various schools in the area, according to the BBC.

Executor Justice Dikgang Moseneke said Monday at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg that no one has contested the division of his money among three trusts organized by the former president.

A little more than $130,000 will be deposited into the family trust, which will go to his more than 30 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Close members of Mandela's personal staff will receive a little more than $4,500 each.

Finally, schools he once attended will receive close to $9,000 each to be spent on bursaries and scholarships.

The family and the African National Congress party will also receive any royalties from his book sales, including his biography “Long Walk To Freedom.”

And his upscale home in Johannesburg has been left to the children of his deceased son, Makgatho.

“It is my wish that it should also serve as a place of gathering of the Mandela family in order to maintain its unity long after my death,” he wrote in the will, according to the BBC.

Reuters reported that many in South Africa feel some family members have been exploiting their connections to Mandela.

Reports of fighting over inheritance abound. And some have used his image on sweatshirts and caps for sale. Two of his granddaughters living in the United States starred in “Being Mandela,” a reality television show that ran on Cozi TV, an NBC affiliate.