Ajit Pai FCC
The FCC Net Neutrality vote is Thursday. SAUL LOEB / Getty Images

The Federal Communications Commission is voting Thursday on whether to repeal net neutrality protections, and people are using memes to get back at Ajit Pai, the agency’s chairman.

The rule change is unpopular among the majority of Americans and has sparked online and physical protests. Getting rid of net neutrality protections is even unpopular among Republicans, with 75 percent saying they oppose the rule change. Republicans, Democrats and companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google have come together to rally against the repeal.

Although 83 percent of Americans don’t approve the roll back, that didn’t stop Pai from joking about the matter a day before the vote. The FCC chairman teamed up with conservative site Daily Caller to do a video in which he told Americans what they can still do if net neutrality protections are repealed. The video shows Pai Instagramming food pictures, taking selfies with a dog and doing the Harlem shake dance. He is also seen dancing in the video with a woman who pushed the Pizzagate conspiracy, Gizmodo pointed out.

To get back at Pai, users on social media tweeted and created memes against him. Here are a few Ajit Pai memes, some using GIFs from the video he was featured in:

People were on the edge about the vote overall:

Commissioner Mignon Clybourn Hailed As Hero

During the net neutrality vote Mignon Clybourn, a commissioner of the FCC board was hailed as a hero for taking a strong stand against the rule change. Clybourn gave a passionate speech against the repeal.

"Today, the FCC majority is about to officially abandon that pledge and millions are watching and taking note," Clybourn said.

People immediately commented on social media about her strong stance for the public: