Amazon’s (AMZN) been busy, and it showed at its annual hardware event that was held on Wednesday. The company launched a series of tech devices, some of which are already available for purchase.

Ear Buds

New from the e-commerce retailer is voice-activated earbuds dubbed the Echo Buds. Designed most likely to compete against Apple’s AirPods, the Echo Buds will retail for $129 and have Alexa technology built-in. They have a five-hour battery life and feature noise cancellation.

Echo Products

Amazon also launched the new Echo Studio that has 3D sound and enhanced speakers priced at $199 along with traditional Echo product that now comes in a collection of colors and new speaker technology priced at $99.

Also new from Amazon was the Echo Glow – a new Echo device that is designed for kids. The Echo Glow costs $30 and features colored lights. It pairs up with Alexa, allowing it to play music as well as set personal timers.

The Echo family was also expanded with the Echo Show 8 – a $129 device that has an 8-inch display and speakers – and a new Echo Dot with LED display and clock priced at $59. The Echo Show is available for preorder on Wednesday while the Echo Dot is available for purchase now.

Amazon also unveiled the Echo Flex – a $25 device with a small speaker that allows Alexa to be used in any room of a home. It has a USB port to charge phones, motion sensors, and night light.

Smart Oven

Cooks may gravitate towards Amazon’s new smart oven that is fitted with Alexa technology. Offering both convention cooking and an air fryer, the smart oven works with the Alexa app to turn the oven on and start cooking. Every smart oven purchase will come with an Echo Dot, Amazon said.

Eero Routers

The Eero routers from Amazon were also upgraded to now include easier setup and full Wi-Fi coverage in the home with its TrueMesh technology. The device has a $99 price tag or $249.99 cost for a three-pack. The Eero routers are available for pre-order now.

Alexa Features

Also new on the Alexa side were Amazon’s doorbell concierge, which was developed to give Ring smart doorbells access to a voice assistant and other new Alexa features such as celebrity voices enabled through AI, which will be available later this year.

Echo Glasses

Amazon showed a full hand with the new Day1 products that are still being developed by the company. The company showcased Echo Frames that have built-in microphones to utilize Alexa commands while wearing the glasses with a price of $129. The Echo Loop glasses also have two microphones and also provide notifications. Cost on the Echo Loop is $129. Both glasses are available in limited qualities.

Shares of Amazon stock were up 1.63 percent as of 3:34 p.m. ET on Wednesday.