A new video released by the Nigerian Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram showed the violent execution of three militant spies recruited by Nigeria’s government. The seven-minute video featured graphic footage of one of the men getting beheaded. The other two were killed with AK-47 rifles, Premium Times reported.

Before showing the killings, the video flashed between images of former President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump and Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari along with other world figures including Islamic priests and government officials. Armed Boko Haram militants stood behind the three men and reportedly boasted about Nigerian officials unable to infiltrate the group. The video, in Hausa and Arabic, also threatened Buhari for sending the spies, according to Premium Times.

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"Oh! You, Buhari, you should know that these boys are your servants working for you whom you sent but Allah has exposed them," the terrorists said in the footage.

Warning: The below video contains graphic content.

It was unclear when the video was shot, but an Islamic song can be heard playing in the background while jets fly overhead. The video release came days after a government rescue mission to save 211 Boko Haram hostages in the northeastern part of Borno, Nigerian officials said Sunday.

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The Nigerian government promised in December to increase its' efforts to infiltrate Boko Haram by dismantling the group's most prominent training camp in the Sambsia Forest, where the largest faction of Nigerian terrorists in the country were located.