Chrome OS
Google's new Chromebook, codenamed "Eve," is said to come with a Kaby Lake processor. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

It’s been discovered that Google is developing new features for its Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks. The biggest feature that’s said to be in-development is the integration of Google Assistant.

The new new alleged features for Chrome OS was first discovered by the site Chrome Unboxed. It first began when the news outlet discovered back in October that Google may be working on a new Chromebook model codenamed “Eve.”

With Chrome Unbox’s latest report, it claims to have discovered even more new features for this Eve Chromebook. The site claims that the "Eve" will have a dedicated button to trigger Google Assistant. This is the same smart assistant that’s available on the supported devices running Android Nougat.

Google Assistant’s complete functionality for this new Chromebook hasn’t been fully discovered yet, but there’s evidence to suggest that users should be able to wake up the device through a voice command, according to 9To5Google. Google Assistant is already available on a lot of different devices, and it functions a bit differently on every device.

It’s very possible that Google Assistant on Chrome OS will function very similarly to how it works on the Google Home smart speaker. However, it’s a lot more likely that it could initially work more closely to how it works on mobile devices.

If this report is accurate, this new Eve device will be the very first Chromebook to feature Google Assistant. This is really a big deal since Apple and Microsoft have already put their respective smart assistants on their own laptops.

Chrome Unboxed also claims to have discovered that the Eve device supports double-tap response. This was first featured on Google’s original Chromebook Pixel, which lets user double tap on the device when it’s closed to show its current battery status.

For the Eve, it doesn’t appear to have a battery monitor of any kind on its body. This means that the double-tap response feature for Eve might function for something else.

The Eve Chromebook is also believed to be powered by Intel’s Kaby Lake processor, making it the first Chromebook to be powered by this new chipset. This also means that this device will likely be a flagship model with a matching “premium” pricing. The device is also said to arrive with a fingerprint sensor.

The “Eve” Chromebook is said to come with a 2,400 x 1,600 touchscreen display with a 3:2 aspect ratio, a backlit keyboard and stylus support, according to The Verge. It’s currently being speculated that the Eve might be Google’s new Chromebook Pixel.

That said, it’s still pretty unclear whether Google is solely developing this new device. Last year, it was leaked that Google was working on a Chromebook device codenamed “Kevin,” which turned out to be one of Samsung’s two new Chromebooks which were announced earlier this year.

The original Chromebook Pixel was release way back in 2013, and hasn’t had a successor of any kind. Google’s Chrome OS has been huge with other OEMs like Samsung and HP, but Google hasn’t made a new device running the software since the Chromebook Pixel.

There’s currently no information yet on when this new Chromebook will be out, but it proves that Google isn’t done making its own Chrome OS devices.