• A game called "Project Winter" is like "Among Us" but is so much more
  • It was first released in 2019 but is getting released for other platforms this month
  • It features many similarities and differences to "Among Us"

A new deception game called “Project Winter” takes all the best things about InnerSloth’s popular multiplayer title “Among Us” and adds more depth, making it the perfect game for those who want more than just Impostors vs. Crewmates.

Project Winter” is an indie game developed by Other Ocean Interactive. The game was originally released via Steam in May 2019 but hasn’t gained as much traction as “Among Us,” which was hailed the best mobile game and best multiplayer title in the recent Game Awards.

“Among Us” became popular due to its quirky graphics and simplistic rules that make deduction games fun rather than stressful. With the rise of “Among Us” comes the expected rise of other titles in the same genre: casual multiplayer deception games. One of these is “Project Winter,” ScreenRant noted.

“Project Winter” features the same us-against-them principles that “Among Us” has but adds in a lot more in terms of gameplay, rules and graphics. One look at it reveals that it’s not the same game at all. Those who try to play it, however, will find its mechanics very familiar and enjoyable.

Per the developers, “Project Winter” is an eight-player multiplayer game “focused on social deception and survival.” It is set in a mountain covered with snow during winter. It has many similarities to and differences from “Among Us,” notably:


  • Two roles: In “Project Winter” players are randomly categorized as either “Survivors” or “Traitors.”
  • Survivors do all they can to survive while trying to deduce who the Traitor is/are in every round. They can put suspected Traitors in exile.
  • Traitors try to blend in and get the Survivors’ trust while attempting to murder them before they are discovered. They can fool other players in order to avoid being identified.


  • All players are forced to face the dangers that the snowy mountains bring, such as grizzly bears, wolves and more.
  • Players will need to find food to survive while working on their tasks.
  • Players will need to find resources so they can craft items and tools they need to finish the game.
  • Survivors win if they manage to call the rescue vehicle and get out of the mountain alive.
  • Traitors start out weaker since they are outnumbered by Survivors, but they have other tools giving them an advantage against the Survivors. These include traps, poison, quick-travel hatches (sort of like the vents in “Among Us”) and more.

“Project Winter” is coming to the Xbox on Jan. 26. It will come to PlayStation at a later, undefined date.

Project Winter
A screenshot of "Project Winter" taken from the official website. Project Winter