Halloween could be postponed in New Jersey as a result of Hurricane Sandy, said Gov. Chris Christie via Twitter.

“If conditions are not safe on Wednesday for Trick or Treating, I will sign an Executive Order rescheduling,” the governor wrote.

In a news conference, Gov. Christie noted that “"We are in the midst of urban search and rescue. Our teams are moving as fast as they can.

"The devastation on the Jersey Shore is some of the worst we've ever seen. The cost of the storm is incalculable at this point."

Christie added, "The idea that you see homes in the middle of route 35 southbound and northbound is just unfathomable. I didn’t think it would be that bad. I didn’t think you’d see homes in the middle of highways.”

Hundreds of thousands of residents were left without electricity in New Jersey, as trees fell from strong winds, bringing down power lines and flooding caused power outages.

Christie said it would take months to recover from the extensive damage caused by the storm.

According to Bloomberg, the recovery from Hurricane Sandy, overall, is expected to cost at least $20 billion.

Over 7.4 million homes and businesses on the East Coast are without power, and at least 17 people in New York State are dead after Hurricane Sandy hit, according to Fox News. Three people pronounced dead are New Jersey residents.

"This will be one for the record books," John Miksad, senior vice president for electric operations at Consolidated Edison, said in a statement. “This will be the largest storm-related outage in our history.”

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced Tuesday that public schools would be closed again on Wednesday, and the MTA is currently assessing the damage done to NYC trains and buses.