Hurricane Sandy From Space
Hurricane Sandy from space NASA

Mayor Bloomberg says NYC schools will remain closed Tuesday as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

The MTA likely will not be in commission in time for students to get to school, and there are concerns that trains may get stuck in the underground tunnels due to expected flooding.

This update comes after Gov. Cuomo stated that Brooklyn Battery and Holland Tunnel will close at 2 p.m Monday afternoon.

“Wednesday and after that, we do need it [the MTA]” Bloomberg said, so it is probable that school will resume Wednesday morning.

Mayor Bloomberg is urging residents in Evacuation Zone A to leave their homes and go to a safe place to stay with relatives or shelters, or to shelters or public schools that are fully stocked as evacuation centers in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

“If you refuse to evacuate, you not only putting yourself at risk but also the first responders who will have to assist you,” Bloomberg warned New Yorker’s in evacuation zones.

“Conditions are deteriorating ... the window for you getting out safely is closing,” Bloomberg went on to say.

While the storm is in progress, Bloomberg also urges residents not in evacuation zones to still stay in their homes as the winds continue to get worse.

“You never know. There’s no reason to jeopardize your lives,” Bloomberg said.

Hurricane Sandy has been projected by forecasters to be the largest in American history, and the storm has already killed 65 people in Haiti and the Bahamas.

Subways and buses first shut down Sunday night, ahead of Hurricane Sandy. The last trains left at 7 p.m., while bus drivers completed their routes at 9 p.m. with the last trains leaving at 7 p.m.

Service is expected to resume on Wednesday.