The Pokemon Company has just recently conducted a press conference where it announced a slew of things “Pokemon” that are about to come.

The Pokemon Company announced new games, an app, a new hardware, and a new cloud service that will allow players to do more with what they have already achieved in various “Pokemon” games. The Pokemon Company teased all of these in a series of tweets, and announced them via the press conference.

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First, there’s a new app called “Pokemon Sleep.” “Pokemon Go” made walking more fun to do by letting players encounter “Pokemon” as they walked to various places. Now, “Pokemon Sleep” will turn sleeping into another form of entertainment.

The Pokemon Company (via Kotaku) said the new mobile app will work with a new hardware device that wil keep track of the amount of time spent sleeping, and send it to the player’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The game company said the sleep data will affect gameplay, but didn’t describe the gameplay itself.

Second, the hardware mentioned above is the new “Pokemon Go Plus +” device. It will work with the upcoming “Pokemon Sleep” as a data tracker at night, and the existing “Pokemon Go” mobile game by day. This new device will launch together with “Pokemon Sleep” in 2020.

Third is “Pokemon Home,” a new cloud service where players can store and share “Pokemon” game data with other users across different platforms including iOS, Android and Switch. It will work with various “Pokemon” titles including “Pokemon Go,” “Pokemon Let’s Go” and the upcoming “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield.”

“Pokemon Home” will also connect to the previous 3DS cloud platform, “Pokemon Bank,” The Verge reported. The new cloud service will launch in 2020.


Lastly, The Pokemon Company will release a new game titled “Pokemon Masters.” Created in partnership with DeNA, this new game will allow players to fight alongside and against their favorite trainers, and their corresponding “Pokemon,” from previous titles. This new game will arrive sometime later this year.

“Pokemon Masters” actually began as a suggestion from Ken Sugimori, who is known for designing the original 151 “Pokemon” players have come to love through the years. The gameplay seems focused on 3-on-3 battles, but not much is known as of now, Kotaku noted.

Pokémon Let's Go Motion controls are compulsory to catch Pokémon in 'Let's Go Pikachu' and 'Let's Go Eevee.' Photo: The Pokémon Company