Another secret audio of GOP nominee Mitt Romney speaking candidly at a fundraiser hit the Web Monday, this time with his wife, Ann, suggesting that when it comes to the economy, President Barack Obama is not a “grown-up.”

Mother Jones first reported the new audio is believed to be from an event on March 27, when Romney was still vying for the Republican nomination. Mother Jones is the same news organization that released the damaging “47 percent” tape in which Romney dismissed almost half of Americans as freeloaders who depend on the government.

The March 27 fundraiser reportedly took place at the Irvine, Calif., home of Michelle and David Horowitz, who is a former cement business owner now running a private equity fund.

Here’s what Romney is heard telling potential donors on the audio tape:

David, you mentioned Ann, and the fact that she insisted that I get in this race. That is the truth. I wanted to talk it over with her. And every time I'd say, ‘Let's talk about the pros and cons,’ she'd say, ‘Talk to the hand, talk to the hand. We're just doing this. We've got to do it.’ And so she absolutely insisted that I get in this because she was convinced that I was the only one that had the capacity to beat President Obama and then get the country on the right track.”

Here’s what Ann Romney had to say:

“You know -- the ship’s going over the waterfall. It's almost there. And we look what's happening in Greece, and we look what's happening around the world. We look what's happening internationally. This is a frightening world, and we need a grown-up, and we need someone that understands the economy. So I'm glad … Mitt is grown up to you all.”

Romney also told the business types that Obama sees them as “necessary evils” and that, unlike the president, he loves the business world.

I'm convinced that if this president is reelected, the war on business and economic freedom will continue. I don't think the president likes you very much. If you're in business, I think he looks at you as a necessary evil -- and maybe not so necessary. I love you, all right? I love, I love business. I love people who employ other people, who have dreams and ideas and are willing to start enterprises and put people to work -- all good things grow from successful enterprises. Businesses -- good jobs come from good businesses.”

Romney and Obama are locked in a tight race for the White House.

A Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll on Sunday showed that Obama has a narrow lead over his Republican challenger among likely voters, 49 percent to 46 percent. Other polls have shown Romney with a narrow advantage.

By the recent Reuters poll, with a week left before the Nov. 6 general election, some 15 percent of registered voters are still on the fence.

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