samsung ad
Samsung's latest ad skewers Apple for the iPhone 6 Plus' bending problem. Samsung

Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is presenting the company with some problems, and rival Samsung is stepping in to antagonize further with a new ad, seen above.

The ad shows two unidentified phones in profile, one standing upright and the other cartoonishly bent into a near-prostrate bow of reverence. "Bend to those who are worthy," reads the ad copy. We're left to deduce that the bending phone is the new iPhone 6 Plus smartphone, while the erect phone is Samsung's Galaxy Note 3.

This is all happening on Twitter under #bendgate, and other brands are naturally getting in on the game. For example:

It bears mentioning that Samsung's phone has already passed the same bending test that the iPhone 6 Plus has failed. The problem, however, doesn’t appear to be a technical shortcoming of the iPhone 6 Plus; it’s mostly one of PR.