Wow, that was quick. Tesla’s new Amazon store that was launched Tuesday is now offline.

Media only just got wind of this new store selling Tesla branded merchandise such as iPhone cases ($35 to $45) and Men's hoodies ($70) and the store was nowhere to be found on Amazon by Tuesday afternoon. No word from Tesla as to why they suddenly yanked the website this early on.

The website has now been taken down, according to Electrek.

Chances are Tesla’s Amazon store might have been a beta that’s being tweaked even as we speak. Or, it might be the subject of in-company debate given the existence of the online Tesla Shop.

Reports noted Tesla’s Amazon store is a different enterprise from Tesla Shop that sells merchandise and accessories. Launching Tesla on Amazon seems to be part of a Tesla experiment to experience the pros and cons of selling on the world’s most profitable online website.

Tesla’s now offline Amazon store was selling apparel and accessories, and a few new exclusive items like new iPhone cases. Apart from iPhone cases and Men's hoodies, the store also offered Women's hoodie for $75, Snapback hat for $25, Die-cast Model S P100D, Model S P85, and Model X for $250, and a Stealth Black Mug at $25

All this Tesla merchandise was to be sold through Amazon Prime, which would have also been responsible for fulfillment.

There is speculation Tesla might eventually move more items such as electric car accessories to the Amazon store and have it take over the fulfillment of these products. The online marketplace is no stranger to things automotive since it now sells tires, windshield wipers and many other motor vehicle accessories.

People look at a Tesla Motors vehicle on the showroom floor at the Dadeland Mall on February 19, 2014 in Miami, Florida. The company opened an Amazon store before taking it down the same day. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Tesla and Amazon are also partnering in other ventures. Tesla has been working with Amazon to deploy more energy storage at its distribution centers.

Analysts speculate Tesla’s Amazon store will likely make a comeback given Tesla is obviously dead set on expanding its merchandising empire. Merch branded with the Tesla logo or things Tesla, especially if they’re original Tesla, should sell well. So, it does make sound business sense for Tesla to have them take care of fulfillment to reduce lead times for some of the accessories.

Right now, every dollar will be a boost to Tesla, which must raise serious cash this year to keep the production line for its Model S and X going. Morgan Stanley estimates Tesla will need to raise $2.5 billion of equity capital in this third quarter to keep going. It also projects Tesla’s full-year free cash flow will be negative.