A poll indicates that more than two-thirds of people prefer Yahoo's day 10 poll over their original logo. Take a look at both logos below. The day 10 logo is on the left, while the current Yahoo logo is on the right. The polls were created and are being conducted by Polar.

At this point, 1,339 people favor the new day 10 logo, while 601 people indicated that they favored the current Yahoo logo.


What's more, two other logos Yahoo has released were among the least-favored, according to polls. On day four, 3,505 people voted for the original Yahoo logo over that day's Yahoo logo, which only got 590 votes.

The other logo that wasn't well received was the day six Yahoo logo, which mustered a mere 250 votes against 2,329 for the current one.

Throughout the month of August, Yahoo has been showcasing one new logo per day in a "30 days of change" campaign. Indeed, many changes have come to Yahoo in a very short time, including the removal of Yahoo's work-from-home policy and Yahoo's acquisition of companies like Tumblr and Rockmelt, among others.

What do you think of Yahoo's proposed new logos? Which prospective new Yahoo logo is your favorite and why? What do you think of these poll results? Sound off in the comments below.