A New York town clerk has resigned from her post in opposition of the State's legislation of gay marriage.

Laura Fotusky, a 56-year -old Republican sent a letter of resignation to the Barker town board on Monday, stating that her religious beliefs stood in front of her signing a marriage certificate to a gay couple.

There was no protection provided in the legislation of Town Clerks who are unable to sign these marriage licenses due to personal religious convictions, even though our US Constitution supports freedom of religion, she wrote in her letter that was published on the website of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms.

According to the Website, Fotusky is the first New York State clerk to resign, rather than place her name on a same-sex marriage license.

I believe there is a higher law than the law of the land, she said. It is the law of God in the Bible. In Acts 5:29, it states. 'We ought to obey God rather than man'.

The Executive Director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, Rev. Jason J McGuire, said. It is unfortunate that when state senators were busy protecting liberal special interests and passing their campaign accounts, they failed to protect good people of faith.