A voter fills out his ballot at a polling site in Stillwater, Oklahoma, March 1, 2016. Reuters

Republican and Democratic presidential candidates alike will face off Tuesday in their respective primaries and caucuses in the latest installment of the 2016 nominating season. Four states will be up for grabs for Republicans: Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi. For Democrats, just the latter two will hold elections.

For Republican front-runner Donald Trump, the four nominating contests are his chance to further solidify his delegate lead over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, all of whom represent a fractured resistance to the billionaire’s campaign. For Democrat Hillary Clinton, Tuesday represents the chance to build on a strong showing one week ago on Super Tuesday when she appeared to open up a considerable lead on Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Here’s a rundown of the latest available polls in those four states and the number of delegates up for grabs in each.

RCP Poll Average for Republican Presidential Nomination | InsideGov
RCP Poll Average for Democratic Presidential Nomination | InsideGov

Michigan Primary

Both Democratic candidates have been spending quite a bit of time in Michigan and engaged in a debate Sunday in Flint, the site of an ongoing water crisis after it was discovered that high levels of lead had contaminated the city’s supply. Clinton leads in the state, bolstered at least in part by strong support from African-American voters. She’s up by 20.4 points with 58.6 percent support compared with 38.2 percent for Sanders.

Trump also enjoys a healthy lead in polls. He currently receives 38.5 percent of the state’s GOP support, ahead of 20.5 percent for Cruz, 20 percent for Kasich and 13.3 percent for Rubio.

Democrats are fighting for 147 delegates there and Republicans have 59 up for grabs.

Mississippi Primary

Both Clinton and Trump hold leads in Mississippi. Clinton is up 44 percent over Sanders with what has been consistently strong support for the former secretary of state. Trump was registering 41 percent of the state’s support, followed by Cruz with 17 percent, Rubio with 16 percent and Kasich with 8 percent.

Democrats will be competing for 36 delegates while Republicans are set to do battle over 40.

Idaho Primary

Only Republicans will vote in the Gem State on Tuesday, and the state isn’t extensively polled. In what polling is available, however, Trump holds a considerable lead over second-place Cruz. He attracts 30 percent of the vote compared with Cruz’s 19 percent and Rubio’s 16 percent. Kasich is a distant fourth with 5 percent of Idaho’s GOP vote.

There are 32 delegates up for grabs.

Hawaii Caucuses

Republicans will compete in Hawaii for 19 delegates. There isn’t extensive polling available to indicate who may have a lead in the state.