Mayweather’s up and coming fighter received a lot of love from a massive Baltimore Ravens crowd.

During the recent Baltimore Ravens vs. Arizona Cardinals game, undefeated super featherweight champ Gervonta Davis made a surprise appearance. The Ravens crowd went wild and cheered for Davis as soon as he appeared on M&T Bank’s stadium’s big screen.

In boxing, Davis is one of the fighters Floyd Mayweather’s rising stars. In the past, Mayweather has been consistent in mentoring Davis especially in the public.

Like any other fighters, Davis has had some issues with Mayweather but their relationship in boxing has been quite good lately. In fact, Mayweather once defended Davis during the time when the young champ was being accused of ducking fights.

According to Mayweather, he should be the one to be criticized as Davis’ job is to just fight and not negotiate, Boxing Scene reported.

“When I say, ‘Who you wanna fight?,’ he say, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ So he don’t pick and choose. So, if y’all wanna criticize anybody, criticize me, criticize Leonard Ellerbe or criticize whoever. But don’t criticize the fighters. The fighter’s job is to go out there and fight and be the best that they could possibly be,” Mayweather said.

Davis is the current WBA super feather weight champ. With an undefeated record of 22-0, Davis has the potential to be boxing’s next biggest star. However, Davis claims that he hasn’t fought anybody that would put his name along with the top guys.

In his recent interview with ESPN, Davis said that he badly wants to win more belts even in the heavier divisions.

“I just want to move up and try to win more belts, basically make myself one of the top guys. So I think it was best for me to move up and try to get one of them belts ,” Davis stated.

In the process, Davis could end up fighting the lightweight title holder Vasyl Lomachenko. Davis has expressed his desire to fight “Loma” but he is open for the possibility that it wouldn’t happen soon.

“Lomachenko is definitely one of the top opponents for me at 130 or 135. I believe it will happen, but it got to be at the right time,” Davis noted.

Meanwhile, Davis is also linked to another rising star Tevin Farmer. However, according to Farmer’s promoter Eddie Hearn, Mayweather has issues with the fighter’s pay.

“You’re Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather! I’m just lil’ ol’ Eddie Hearn, I ain’t got your kind of money. So let’s go in there, agree the split beforehand,” Hearn said.

Gervonta Davis Floyd Mayweather
Gervonta Davis, pictured with Floyd Mayweather at Copper Box Arena on May 20, 2017 in London, will fight on the Mayweather-McGregor PPV undercard. Fans can watch the preliminary fights on TV or with a free live stream online. Getty Images