• Tom Brady could go after unnoticed Super Bowl ring record in 2022
  • Kenjon Barner owns bragging rights of winnning Super Bowl rings with three different teams
  • Brady does not have the luxury of time to chase rare NFL Super Bowl ring record

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers appears to have done it all, owning a record of seven Super Bowl rings.

This has resulted in a "Greatest of All Time" debate in sports although the 43-year-old may want to take a second look at his achievements.

As far as Super Bowl rings are concerned, there is no question Brady has a lock on the most won by an NFL player. But if one gets into detail, he may not have all the bragging rights on that for now.

One who may have fewer Super Bowl rings but achieved differently is his teammate Kenjon Barner.

The 31-year-old running back won his third Super Bowl ring with the Bucs but in an odd kind of way.

Based on NFL records, Barner has won the Super Bowl playing for three different teams. He was also part of the Philadelphia Eagles team that won Super Bowl LII and the Patriots in 2018.

Hence, Super Bowl LV allowed Barner to tie Matt Millen who has won the Super Bowl three times on three different teams.

Although he has won it more than these two NFL players, Brady has only done it with two teams.

With his contract with the Buccaneers ending next NFL season, Brady is expected to be in the spotlight anew. A contract extension looms for the five-time Super Bowl MVP although that is up in the air.

He could stay on and play for Tampa Bay if the price and terms are right. But if he will entertain the idea of achieving the unusual Super Bowl feat, he may consider jumping to a third team.

Kenjon Barner #44 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kenjon Barner #44 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Getty Images | Patrick Smith

This is with the assumption that Brady is pretty concerned about cementing his place in the NFL record books.

Right now, he is already there, but this feat of winning another Super Bowl ring with a different team could factor in heavily. But the problem he faces there is time.

Despite short of four Super Bowl rings, Barner has the luxury of catching up with Brady’s title count. He is set to become a free agent and could win another Super Bowl ring if his next team figures prominently.