• Nintendo might announce the new Switch Pro in June
  • The new gaming console could reportedly sell above $299
  • Nintendo has not yet confirmed the Switch Pro is in development

The highly anticipated new Nintendo Switch model, presumably called the Nintendo Switch Pro, may reportedly launch ahead of this year's E3 event, and hit store shelves as early as September 2021.

The latest information about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro has been revealed in a Bloomberg report, which claimed the redesigned hybrid console is expected to launch ahead of the E3 2021 event, which starts on June 12. The supposed launch would apparently give time to game developers and publishers to showcase their new Switch games ahead of the hardware's official release.

The report has also noted the upgraded Switch Pro could sell for more than the current $299 price tag of the Nintendo Switch. According to Bloomberg, only a handful of people close to the matter know about the official name of the next Nintendo hybrid gaming console. The new hardware would phase in and would replace the current model over time, The Verge reported.

Since it hit stores in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become a huge global seller Since it hit stores in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become a huge global seller Photo: AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI

Bloomberg's report said the precise quantity and production target are still unknown, but it has claimed the Japanese gaming giant intends to boost production in October and November to prepare for the holiday season. As to how Nintendo would accomplish this in light of the worldwide semiconductor shortages is still unclear even though the report suggested suppliers are confident they can fulfill the company's orders.  

According to the report, the company's production lines must be prepared for the possible component shake-up. But, it has clarified the parts Nintendo is using are subject to less competition as compared to more powerful gaming consoles.

Nintendo has repeatedly shot down rumors related to the Switch Pro almost three months ago. However, Bloomberg has consistently reported about the upgraded Switch model with a 7-inch 720p OLED display since last year. Since Bloomberg is a reputable organization known for nailing rumors in the gaming industry in the past and anything they report about the Switch Pro is instantly intriguing.

It is worth noting that Nintendo has not yet confirmed that new Switch hardware was in the works. In the absence of official information, fans should temper their expectations and take this latest information with a pinch of salt.