• MiHoYo announced "Genshin Impact" will be available on Nintendo Switch 
  • The company has not yet announced the official release date of the game's Switch port 
  • "Genshin Impact" PS5 port was released in April 

"Genshin Impact," the phenomenal gacha game from miHoYo, is now available on Sony's new generation gaming console, PS5. If the recent rumor is true, it appears that Nintendo Switch gamers could get their hands on the game within this year.

Industry insider Genshin Report, in a tweet Sunday, said the Nintendo Switch version of "Genshin Impact" will likely release sometime this year. The insider claimed that "weaker hardware" is causing the delay. Earlier rumors have suggested that a number of issues have caused the hold-up.

The game's Switch port is anticipated to arrive ahead of the PS5 port. Chinese gaming studio miHoYo actually announced the game's Switch version before it disclosed its PS5 launch. With the release of the game's PS5 port, some fans feel miHoYo has not made the game's launch on Switch a priority.

Fans believe one of the major causes for the delayed release of "Genshin Impact" on Nintendo Switch could be Nintendo's eShop. The Japanese gaming giant must approve games for its eShop first before they could be released. Games like "Among Us" were able to release quickly on the hybrid console because game developer Innersloth offered ways for the game's Switch version to release The Airship map update at a much later date.

Innersloth disabled cosmetic purchase on the eShop, helping its immediate release on Switch. Unlike "Among Us," "Genshin Impact" features Primogems, Fates and Passes that players use to get new playable characters and powerful weapons. The gacha game has in-game currencies and premium options that should be available on Nintendo eShop.

Some fans believe the delayed release could be due to Nintendo's plan of making "Genshin Impact" one of the launch titles when the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro releases. This is a strategic move on the part of the Japanese gaming titan considering the popularity of "Genshin Impact."

However, fans should temper their expectations on the release of "Genshin Impact" on Nintendo Switch in the absence of an official announcement from Nintendo.

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