• Rumors about the Nintendo Switch pro have been rife online since 2019
  • One of the rumors claim that the console would feature an OLED screen
  • A comment made by an OLED company executive seems to confirm this rumor

Nintendo Switch Pro could reportedly feature the rumored OLED screen if the latest comment made by an executive is anything to go by.

During the recent Q1 investors call of OLED manufacturer Universal Display Corp, President and CEO Steven V. Abramson referred to the heavily rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

"And in the gaming market, there our reports are [sic], for the first time, Nintendo has selected an OLED screen for the new Switch Pro due to OLED benefits of higher contrast and faster response times." the executive shared. The transcript of the said call was shared on Twitter by Spawn Wave, with the relevant section highlighted.

While it is true that the executive mentioned the Nintendo Switch Pro, it does not necessarily mean that the heavily rumored hardware would feature an OLED display. The comment simply implies that the use of OLED screens is becoming more common across various industries and the new gaming console from Nintendo may also use one. It was previously reported that the Nintendo Switch 2 would feature a 7-inch OLED screen developed by Samsung Display.

In the past, Nintendo's new console sales have tended to peak in the third year after release, and then taper off In the past, Nintendo's new console sales have tended to peak in the third year after release, and then taper off Photo: AFP / Philip FONG

The Universal Display Corp executive also noted, "In March, Samsung Display announced that it would aggressively expand its OLED presence in the gaming, smartphone and laptop markets." It added that the South Korean tech and electronics giant mentioned that its OLED packs a "valuable feature befitting premium gaming content such as fast response times, vibrant colors and deep black."

According to Tom's Hardware, Samsung is one of the many firms that has worked with Universal Display Corp on OLED technologies for its flagship devices. 

The comments made during the said call appear to line up with rumors and leaks surrounding the Nintendo Switch Pro. One report mentioned that the rumored Switch Pro would utilize an OLED screen, while another claimed that the new hardware would sport an Nvidia chip for 4K gaming.

Nintendo has not yet confirmed that it is working on a new gaming console. In previous interviews, Nintendo repeatedly denied the rumors. However, industry watchers and analysts have predicted that the Japanese gaming giant would release a more powerful hybrid gaming console in the later part of 2021.