If you live in New York City or anywhere in the northeastern United States and you're still dreaming of a white Halloween, you'd better wait until next year, because the area won't see snow on Halloween 2014, according to the latest weather forecasts. That may come as a shock to trick-or-treaters who may have seen the reports that a blizzard or snowstorm was headed toward NYC, New England and the greater region Friday night.

However, if you live around the Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley the Appalachians or thereabouts, you still may get hit with slushy, wet snow Halloween night following a day of cold rain, according to the Weather Channel. The expected precipitation would be a result of a cold front combined with the lake-effect snow that often pounds the region on Halloween and even earlier, AccuWeather reports.

Saturday could be a little hairier for East Coasters. Snow is expected to fall in the Appalachian region, parts of North Carolina and Tennessee and West Virginia, according to the Weather Channel. The network also expects wet snow to fall on Saturday across eastern Michigan, Ohio and western New York and Pennsylvania, and to make its way into northern New England late Saturday.

By Sunday, the precipitation is expected to be mostly over, except for potentially heavy snows and high winds in some areas of northern New England, according to the Weather Channel.

The expected lack of snow is a far cry from Thursday's alarmist weather headlines like "Halloween Forecast: Snow, Cold to Blast East; Rain to Soak West Coast," "Ugh, It Might Snow on Halloween in NYC" and "Snow Escape: Snow May Return To NYC For Halloween Weekend."

But that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of snow ahead, as informed weather prognosticators are touting "a theory that the amount of snow covering Eurasia in October is an indication of how much icy air will sweep down from the Arctic in December and January, pouring over parts of North America, Europe and East Asia," according to Bloomberg.