Live Pictures: Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 2011
Live Pictures: Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 20114: 41 am IBTimes/Screengrap from youtub

It seems the best place for Representative Anthony Weiner to spend Lunar Eclipse 2011 is on the moon, where he would be shielded from sight.

Here's why:

1. The crying at that press conference was embarrassing and-dare I say-slightly disingenuous-sounding.

2. Compounding all the taunts Weiner must have heard as a child, there are now Anthony Weiner condoms, instructing love-makers to Protect Your Weiner-And your Tweets.

3. His wife is pregnant with a baby that will inevitably grow up to see the not-so-flattering, blurry pictures of his father's penis that have been travelling like wildfire around the Internet.

4. Obama's I'd quit if I were you.

5. AND IF ALL THAT WASN'T REASON ENOUGH TO HIDE OUT ON AN ECLIPSED MOON, THE LATEST: Cross-dressing photos of Weiner have emerged.

Maybe Weiner's bad luck is related to the eclipse? That's what the Chinese as well as the Australians and Americans are saying!