NOAA weather radar app
The NOAA weather radar app has radar front and center when you open the app. NOAA

Big storms are scary at their worst and inconvenient at their best. But when there's a big storm headed your way, you want to make sure you know as much as you can about it like when it'll hit, how to prepare and especially if it will impact any travel plans you have.

One of the best ways to keep track of all the details is through apps on your phone. There are so many apps to chose from when trying to figure out what to expect from the latest storm, so here are some of the best reviewed free apps.

NOAA World Radar Free:

It's available on iOS and Android devices and has comprehensive color coded radar to help you track storms and their severity. The home screen shows you the radar, with the cities of your choice marked. You can also look at graphs of temperature, precipitation, pressure and UV predictions. And when there's a warning or advisory about a weather hazard, it's marked on the map as well, with a countdown clock indicating the end of the notification.

Weather Underground:

This app uses more than 200,000 + personal weather stations around the globe to get you the most accurate weather for your location. It comes in a number of languages and is available on iOS and Android devices. It also incorporates any warnings there are with a notification sign. You can also customize it for various activities like kite flying or hiking with the "smart forecasts" feature. This app is good for the detail oriented weather buff.


WeatherBug offers a lot of the same features as Weather Underground with added perks like live cameras, local photos and a mood rating for its users. It offers a slightly more interactive platform for those who like to share their weather pics and videos. It's also available on iOS and Android devices and has a good website for desktop use.


You can use FlightAware on your computer or in the app on your Apple or Android phone. You can search flights based on flight number and airline or just by searching flights that go between the origin and destination airports you'll be traveling from and to. You can also select an airport as a whole to see if the flights are on time or delayed, and how that compares to the delays at that airport.


The basics are also covered with FlightStats, and it'll show you your inflight progress during your flight. The app lets you input your flight information and keeps you updated on the status, and whether your possible delay is normal for that flight route, or abnormal. It's available both on iOS devices as well as Android devices.

Keep in mind that the app of whatever airline you'll be traveling on will also have up-to-date information regarding delays, cancellations and ways to reschedule.