The Norwegian salmon industry risks a ban in Russia after authorities there said the fish contains high levels of parasites.

The Barents Observer reported Monday that Russian trade officials threaten the boycott of Norwegian salmon if tighter restrictions aren't implemented by Norway’s fish industry.

Russian inspectors this week surveyed several Norwegian fish farms and claimed they found bacteria in some parts of the Norwegian-farmed salmon.

In April, the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance conducted laboratory tests on the imported Norwegian fish and said that they contained living roundworm larvae.  

In response to the Russian claims, the Norwegian Food and Safety Authority expressed surprise at the charges.

“Norway exports salmon to 120 different markets, and it is only the Russian market which presents this kind of characteristics of the Norwegian fish,” the Norwegian authorities said.

Russia is Norway’s biggest seafood export market and the threat of a boycott isn't new. In 2005-2006, Russia implemented a full import ban on Norwegian frozen fish.