Salafi members of parliament are seen during the first Egyptian parliament session in Cairo.
Salafi members of parliament are seen during the first Egyptian parliament session in Cairo, Reuters

Barely three months since Egypt declared its new government, a bizarre political scandal erupted over an Islamic MP's nose-job.

The newly elected legislator, Anwar al-Bilkimy, was expelled from the al-Nour Party and forced to submit his resignation on Tuesday for lying about his plastic surgery.

Al-Bilkimy, his face bandaged from the surgery, lied to parliamentary members who visited him in the hospital, telling them that he was attacked by gunmen when he refused to get out of his car and then robbed of $16,000.

But actually, al-Bilkimy checked into Cairo's Selmi hospital on February 28, as reported by CNN. The following day he was transferred to another hospital. The doctors contributed to his story when they confirmed to the Egyptian media that al-Bilkimy was indeed beaten by gunmen.

However, when plastic surgeon Abdel-Khalek Farag appeared on television to deny al-Bilkimy's story, the MP's credibility was called into question. The al-Nour party investigated al-Bilkimy's attack story and found out his lie.

The al-Nour party is the leading political group representing the ultra-conservative Muslim Salafi movement. Abiding by strict religious rules, the party prohibits undergoing plastic surgery. It is also the second largest party in Egypt's People's Assembly.

Extremely embarrassed, the party immediately expelled al-Bilkimy and demanded his resignation.

The MP signed his resignation, but it has yet to be approved by the Egyptian parliament.

The al-Nour party claimed that it would have all 120 members request al-Bilkimy's dismissal from parliament if the MP's resignation was not approved, according to Ahmed Khalil, spokesman for the party.

Al-Bilkimy might also be investigated for filing a false police report, according to the Guardian. If found guilty, he risks charges for criminal offense.