A water main on New York's Upper West Side Monday turned Central Park West briefly into a river, while shutting down parts of the city's subway service into the afternoon.

New York's MTA said the West 110th Street B and C station is closed down because of flooding from the water main break, and B and C train service has been suspended between West 50th and 125th street since 11 a.m. EDT.

A train service is suspended between West 145th and Columbus Circle and D trains aren't running between 161st Street in the Bronx and either Pacific Street in Brooklyn or West Fourth Street in Manhattan, officials said.

It isn't known when the MTA will resume subway lines disrupted from the flooding.

The water main break occurred at Central Park West near West 106th Street. Some building basements have been flooded in the area.

Sunny Zinelli, the superintendent of a building on 108th Street, told The New York Times he was working in a nearby building when he saw the street fill with water.

There was running water all over the street, he said.

The gushing water from the water main break cracked the street surface open. New York emergency units arrived on the scene, containing the flood, through streets remain covered in mud and sand from the waters Monday afternoon.